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Welcome to Melbourne Crime Files, my own project filled with lots of compelling stories. Stories of some very cold cases, which for whatever reason are less known.



For many years I have been very interested in everything true crime. I listen to loads of podcasts, read lots of books and watch plenty of documentaries. I also read coroners reports late at night. Often this research leaves me thinking but why?

I started Melbourne Crime Files because while looking for a crime or crimes, to produce a true crime podcast about, I discovered something. There is a lot of cases, where unfortunately there is little information available. I thought by starting a blog, I can share what information I could find, to raise awareness of these cold cases. 

Take some time to explore the blog, and please tell your true crime friends about the site.

By day, I work as an investigator. I write at night and weekends. If you need a hand with your true crime project or any other project for that matter, follow the link to my freelance website.

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If you have information about a crime in Australia, please contact Crimestoppers.

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